Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Still Think We Should Put an Ad on Craigslist

The first day of classes is two weeks away.

We have TWENTY sections that are currently assigned to the instructor "Unknown." This does not count recitation sections that will be taught by incoming graduate students. Many unfamiliar names already appear on the list of instructors, meaninng that we've hired some new people. The adjunct who we swore to never hire again is teaching a full load. Our online list of faculty by rank is very out of date, so I can't even estimate what fraction of our courses are taught by adjuncts. I suspect that if we made a pie chart representing the number of sections being taught by each rank that the "adjunct" part of the pie would be one of the largest.

We don't have enough regular faculty (tenured / tenure-track) or lecturers (non-tenurable but infinitely renewable) to teach all the sections that we have, so we need an army of adjuncts. It's not easy finding someone with a graduate degree in math and teaching skill to come and work at the low rates and no benefits that adjuncting offers. I'm thinking of starting a betting pool on how many sections are still unstaffed on the first day of classes.