Monday, August 13, 2007

Not That Anyone Asked My Opinion

Nothing interesting to report today from the academic front. I picked up a copy of the new undergraduate catalog. Because of a disability services request, one of my classes may end up moving to another room; could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on where it gets moved to, as the old room was both awesome and sub-optimal at the same time. One more day of freedom before non-stop meetings segue into the beginning of classes. I've come to no conclusions about the calculus situation; I'll decide Friday.

In any event, in case you didn't know I am kind of cheap, and I don't like paying for things like video from iTunes. I'm also too lazy to acquire much bootleg stuff. But, yet, I also enjoy watching videos while doing cardio at the gym. Fortunately, I have no taste when it comes to entertainment, so I end up watching a lot of very, very, very bad free preview television from iTunes. Sometimes it's a pilot to a very, very, very bad show. Sometimes it's a specially put together episode just to give away for free on iTunes. In any event: quality television it ain't.

Today while I ellipticalled, I watched the preview episode of The Pick-Up Artist. All I have to say is that Mystery wears way too much eyeliner. A lot of guys look kind of cute with a little eyeliner, but after a point... no. He can try all he wants to try to pull off the early-90s alterna-rock-star thing, but at some point he needs to look in a mirror and face reality.