Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tales from the First Day of School

  1. Despite the forecast being in the high 90s (or 100, depending where you get your weather forecast), I dressed up for the first day of school. Black wool dress. Pearls. Stockings. Patent leather pointy-toe pumps (black) with 3.5" heels.

  2. It took a lot out of me to teach my two classes today. I think it's because I was scared of them. The calculus students because there's just so darned MANY of them. The honors students because I want them to like my class.

  3. I fear the deluge of emails from the calculus students as they try to register for the various technologies that I'll be using in class. I'm using the publisher's online homework system because higher education has not yet reached such a low point that we are allowed to charge each student a $20 grading fee. We can, however, require them to subscribe to the publisher's online homework system.

  4. Adjunct woes: one of the adjuncts quit yesterday and was replaced by someone whose skill set neither includes spoken English nor the content of the course. Why didn't we just cancel those sections? I do not know.

  5. Tomorrow I meet my third class. It only meets once a week, so I feel that I ought to teach some real content because I can't afford to lose a day on beginning of the semester stuff. That means that I'm going to have to prepare!