Friday, August 10, 2007

Tales from my Dull Life

  1. Went back to the gym for the first time since before I left for MIT. Didn't regress too badly. Thank goodness.

  2. My phone is so awesome at the gym! Not only is she an iPod, but I can also take notes on my workout!

  3. I am repurpling my hair even as I post.

  4. I'm working on syllabi, too. I'm seriously considering ditching Blackboard in favor of a secret facebook group. Especially in my small classes. Blackboard is just so damn awkward. And I have to go in every semester and reset everything to not show all the useless stuff and to re-enter my contact information. Argh!

  5. New make-up exam policy: You can make up the exam during finals week (our finals week has a Friday afternoon time set aside for make-up exams) or you can write a 10-page paper on a topic of my choice. Even if you miss the exam for a stupid reason.

  6. I went in to my office yesterday to turn on ssh, ftp, and afp on my new-to-me-iMac (white, not iPhone-esque). Forgot to grab the book I wanted. Could not find a network protocol that would allow my computer to send me books from my shelf.

  7. Wishing that inter-library-loan would give me estimated dates for finding things. Do I need to buy the NCTM 2002 Yearbook (proportional reasoning) or can I wait it out from ILL?

  8. Really need to get a pedicure.

  9. I nearly forgot to take out the trash today. After nearly seven weeks of living like a student, I am becoming incapable of cooking my own food or taking care of my own home. Unfortunately, I have rediscovered my skill at spending money fairly quickly. At Banana Republic I found pants that fit for $100. Considering getting a second pair in black (I bought grey plaid).