Sunday, September 16, 2007

Anti-Social Networking

Today's electronic excitement came when I went to sync my phone with iTunes before going out to sit on the porch and think about the Pythagorean Theorem while listening to Joe Frank, and I noticed in the shared section of iTunes Matthew's Limewire, so I went to my router's control panel and found Matthew-PC on my wireless network and kicked him off and tried to turn on MAC filtering because my previous attempts at securing my router have been unsuccessful. At least I still have access to the internet. Don't know whether or not Matthew can still connect.

ps. Secret message to everyone: I owe about a zillion people email. It's not you, it's me. Unless you're Matthew, who I don't even know and who might be a charming neighbor who it might be worth getting to know better but who I kicked off my wireless network and broke off all contact with despite not knowing anything about him other than his first name and that he uses Limewire.