Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Calling in from the Salt Mines

So far I have been at the computer all morning and have only written about 1600 words of my book. I'm thinking that I might have to write a bit more and then hand the chapter off to my coauthor and start working on something else. I feel bad turning my problems into his problems, but he has shown himself capable of working miracles and saving the day, so I may just have to rely on him. I suspect that I'm not the only person who hands things off on him, but I also suspect that this is somewhat a situation of his own making. In return I think that I'll try to spend much of November trying to solve one of his problems; it's selfish on my part because most of the problem-solving involves wrangling with LaTeX.

By popular demand, I present the shoes that I wore yesterday.

Today I am still clad in flip-flops and my robe. I'm thinking that I might touch up my haircolor a bit, make lunch, and then regroup.

Knitting group meets tomorrow, and I don't feel like dragging around my giant and ill-fated project (it's the tank top and cowl combo from Weekend Knitting), so I might spend my afternoon making the ribbing for some socks. I have this delightful yarn that is both stripey and sparkly. Might be exactly what I need to brighten up my day.