Friday, September 14, 2007

Decision Making

  1. Normally on Fridays I only teach one class, one of my honors classes. They accept that I'm a little bit weird. Today I decided to wear a black shirt-dress with purple fishnet stockings and black shoes with awesome buckles. When choosing an outfit, I had forgotten that I was going to be teaching someone else's class today (engineering calculus), and that students who don't know me might judge me based on my outfit. Seemed to go OK.

  2. Gave an exam to my honors class. It looks like it was too long or too... something. Not sure how best to fix it. I'm thinking of giving some massive extra credit on Wednesday. The stars were aligned against my exam: 3 of 17 students weren't there (all for very good reasons). Maybe I'll give a take-home make-up? Not sure.

  3. Need to decide what to spend my $100 on. A second power supply for my MacBook so I can leave one in my office? A new Bluetooth keyboard to replace my currently ailing one? I don't need another iPod.

  4. I have been trying and trying to buy some red lipstick. Every time I try, it is not red. I stand in the store comparing the tube in my hand to a color I already own, and I try to find the reddest one. And when I come home: pink or orange or brown or purple but not red.

  5. I really, really, really need to find a contractor to work on my house. Considering hiring the father of a current student. Probably I should wait until the semester is over.