Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Email Mailbag

In the two weeks that classes have been in session, the students from the Calculus Circus have sent me 135 emails, including the following:
hello, its michael fitzsimmons again and they got my eduspace working, so thanks for helping me out with that. also, i am in the library right now and one of the shared itunes playlists is called "rudbeckia hirta's library". i dont know if it is in fact your itunes library, but if it is i love all the music on it. there is so much good 90s alternative music on it, from the jesus and mary chain to an envious amount of tanya donelly. needless to say, i wish i had alot of the stuff in your library (if in fact it is your library). you apparently got to grow up when music was alot different and cooler than now. if it isnt your library then your probably thinking this email is rather peculiar and unusual, which is understandable. but if it is yours then i am very jealous.