Monday, September 10, 2007

From My Administrative Office Hours

  1. A student emails me to see if he can switch from Calculus to pre-calc and also add another math class (a one credit hour seminar) 10 days after the deadline for adding, dropping, and switching schedules. I tell him that I can get him into the pre-calc if he can find an open section and get permission of the instructor but that we don't let students add late to the seminar. He writes back, upset that I won't add him to the seminar. I suggest that he sign up for a gym class.

  2. A senior wants to add freshman statistics. Recall that we are 10 days after the add deadline. She explains that she needs this course to graduate and that she already knows part of it because she took it over the summer but dropped it because she was doing poorly. How could I argue with such logic? I said no.

  3. I've received my first complaint about the instructor who doesn't speak English. A parent called the College Advising Office, and the Advising Office sent the student to me. There's nothing I can do in these situations. I have no role in deciding who is hired. I can't wave a magic wand and improve his English. I talked to the student and gave her some strategies to try.