Friday, September 07, 2007

Hi New Visitors

For those of you who are joining us in media res, welcome to Learning Curves. This semester I'm teaching a large calculus class; if it weren't for my ongoing battles with instructional technology, it would be going really well. I'm also teaching two, smaller classes, both of which are honors classes. I stress a lot about the honors courses because it's harder to teach an honors seminar than it is to teach calculus.

I'm also into mathematical knitting and sewing, restoring my 1920 bungalow, rustling up mathematical amusements for my independent study student, doing some part-time administration, and working in the advising center. I'm also writing a book on pre-algebra. My favorite spider is the argiope (two of which live in my garden), and my favorite color is purple.

I dare you to add the feed to your aggregator and to become a regular reader. :P

ps. For those keeping track, I'm now up to 160 emails from the students in Calculus Circus.