Saturday, September 15, 2007

How Did It Get to Be Evening Already

Not sure what happened to today. Cleaned the kitchen, wrote another 3200 words of my book, took a walk, went to the gym (despite my shoulder suggesting I not go), and not much else. And all of a sudden it's evening. Didn't even play that much online Scrabble. (I have two games going now and am losing in both; I blame bad tiles.) No trip to the grocery store. The drycleaning never had a chance.

This means that tomorrow is going to be a busy day, as I'm going to have to write more of the book to get on track for my personal deadline (of having the book pretty much written by 2 weeks before the publisher's deadline) and also deal with all my class planning for Monday. I'm OK on the Calculus Circus because I made most of my lecture slides for the first half of the semester back in May. I need to do minor tweaks as the nursing students outnumber the business students for reasons I don't understand. This means that my arbitrary function f(x) is no longer modeling the profit from selling widgets but instead is the blood sugar level of a diabetic patient. I'm Still avoiding thinking about what to do with my honors class. I know that I'm supposed to teach them about the Pythagoreans and the Pythagorean Theorem, but there's that whole elephant in the room issue about the exam.

Truthfully, I haven't looked at the exam yet. They all stayed to the end; they looked unhappy; one of my best students left several questions blank. I really don't want to see the damage that I have created. I'm thinking that the easiest fix for this is to give them extra time on Wednesday (and to announce it on Monday so that everyone knows to come to class). It means that I don't have to write a new assignment, that I don't have to grade a new assignment, and that I don't have to plan as much new material for lecture. Yes, it's the lazy solution. But it seems to be no worse than anything else. I'm trying to optimize here.

I'm hoping that the book I'm reading about back pain is right and my shoulder is sore not because I overdid it at the gym today but rather because I am stressed about my book and my students' exam. I can deal with the book by writing more tomorrow, and I think I have a solution to the exam.