Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Still Don't Get the Idea of People Who Have Babies on Purpose

I will come out and admit that I am an evil child-hater. I hate babies and small children; I can sometimes tolerate well-behaved medium-sized children. But, really: I am an evil child-hater. Go ahead, tell me what a bad person I am. I'll still hate children. The very first thing I did once I had real health insurance was to get my tubes tied.

In any event, this is starting to cause some family strife. My brother and his wife were trying to have a baby but were unsuccessful, and my family thinks that I am not being suitably sympathetic. It's hard for me to muster sympathy because they are trying to do something that I find to be completely crazy. Really, what I'm feeling is relieved.

Add to this that I never talk to my brother, and I really have no idea what I'm supposed to do. It seems unlikely that anyone is going to die or get married this week, so I'm unlikely to run into my brother. Normally I only see him at wedding and funerals. Maybe we see each other once a year. Maybe. I don't even know his address or his phone number.

Too bad no one makes a card saying, "Mom and Dad say that I'm supposed to say that I'm sorry that your strangely illogical plans were thwarted by mysterious mechanisms of cell division."