Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Not Crying About the Exam. It's Just that I Was at the Eye Doctor.

  1. The human lens loses elasticiity in an amazingly predictable rate. Knowing someone's reading glasses prescription, an eye doctor can usually guess their age with surprising accuracy. Unless you're me. In which case you would, based on my reading glasses prescription, assume that I am 11 years older than I am. This is why my old reading glasses gave me headaches, as they had a prescription for someone about my age.

  2. When I meet people on campus, they assume that I'm a grad student. I'm not sure what to think about that. Is it that I don't look like I'm in my mid-30s? Or is it that I look like I'm in my mid-30s but not sufficiently... not sure what word I'm looking for. Is there an adjective form of faculty? Today I met someone new and was introduced as "Becky from the Math Department," and she asked what I was planning to do when I finished. I'm hoping to stick around for a while, as change is too traumatic.

  3. Although, I'm thinking of starting a secret plan to move to California. Step 1: Save up $300,000 towards a down payment on a house. I'll work on figuring out Step 2 once I finish Step 1.

  4. Eye doctor offered me two choices of prescription for my contact lenses. One would have me see more clearly than the other. The blurry prescription is cheaper. Somehow, I didn't find it to be a good value to save money by having blurry vision.

  5. Today I had a bit of a discussion about my hatred of Daylight Saving Time with the autistic math major. Just now he sent me a follow-up email, and he addressed it to the nickname he has assigned me: Clodagh Birdie. Do I really need another secret identity?

  6. Shall we take bets on the distribution of the exam scores? Covers limits and continuity, definition of the derivative, and the power rule. About half the students have taken calculus before. My money is on bimodal, but I haven't started grading yet. With 250 students, there's a real shot at normal.

  7. You have no idea how hard it is to hand out exams to 250 students seated in a 300-seat lecture hall. Especially if you don't want two students sitting next to each other to have the same version of the exam. It would have been easier with either 300 students or a 250-seat lecture hall.

  8. I put my clock (synced to the atomic clock) on the document camera, so everyone knew the Official Exam Time. I love teaching in the multi-media lecture hall.

  9. I also brought a box of Kleenex to the exam. Someone joked about the exam being so hard that people would be crying. Really it's just that sniffling people at exams are super-annoying to everyone around them.