Friday, September 07, 2007

Not to Harp on the Instructional Technology Theme

But when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! In this case, when instructional technology sends you experiences that are bloggable, you blog about them. Since there's an exam next week, I expect that topics will return to questioning the algebra backgrounds of the freshmen and speculating about academic dishonesty. (Hint: Version A of the exam asks you to find the average rate of change of y = 2x + 9 from x=5 to x=6. Version B asks for the average rate of change of y = 5x + 6 from x=2 to x=9.)

But today there is no exam. There is only the newsletter from the Instructional Technology Office.

Do I trust any of the numbers being reported?

Do I trust the judgement of the person who decided to highlight this data on the front page of their special issue on Instructional Technology and Social Networking?

Bonus Fact: No one I know from the Instructional Technology office comes up in search results when I search for them on Facebook. Do they have really restrictive privacy settings so that they don't appear at all to in-network people? Or are they not using the technology that they're educating the faculty about?