Friday, September 07, 2007

Reading Comprehension

Read the passage carefully and base your response on the content of the passage.
I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble some people are having with EduSpace. The best way to get your problems sorted out is to start by calling tech support. They can help over 90% of students during the phone call. The time on hold is typically 5-6 minutes, and your problem is fixed within 10-12 minutes.

If they can't help you, make a note of what they said that the problem is. Then what you will need to do is come see me in my office tomorrow (Friday, September 7). I have a class from 10:10 - 11am, but I will be in my office most of the day. I'm hoping to get in by 9, but if you are hoping to see me before my class, you should probably call first (xxx-xxx-xxxx, program it into your phone in case you ever have a calculus emergency). I'll probably go eat lunch at some point, too.

This is your best opportunity to have your problems solved. In addition to solving problems with EduSpace and with the clickers, we can address any other problem or concern that you have regarding the course. If there is anything at all bothering you about Calculus Circus, please come see me on Friday, and I will work with you to find a solution to your problem.

If I had known that EduSpace was going to cause so much trouble, I never would have used it. Remember that EduSpace is not required, just strongly recommended. It's meant to be your opportunity to try quizzes outside of a test environment. I know that some students in Calculus Circus know the material but have trouble scoring well on regular quizzes (like you take on Tuesdays), so I was hoping that this would be a good opportunity for those students to demonstrate what they know.

  1. "Hello, my eduspace answers will not save, so when i clicked submit it said they were all wrong because it says I did not answer them, but I did. I do not know how to fix this."

  2. "hi. i took my quiz for 2b and i have no idea how to do problems #2 and #3 at all i looked through my notes and couldnt find one like those two so if you could please help. and please go over two like those in class on monday."

  3. "I was wondering if we can schedule a meeting time so I can ask a few questions about Math and go over some problems because I think I have it but I know I won't have it on the test, so I just wanted some extra help to see if I'm doing my math right. I'm not available to come into your office hours. So I was wondering what was best? I'm available MW after 3:20, TR 4:55, F after 12:15...ok thank you. oh and p.s: is Eduspace required?"

  4. "I am hoping to come by tomorrow during office hours to fix the clicker problems I have been having. I appreciate a message back saying what time would be the best time. If not, here is my clicker ID number: r12345B Thanks and hopefully I will be meeting with you tomorrow."