Friday, September 28, 2007

Tales from the Advising Center

  1. Now I see why so many students end up majoring in psychology. I think that the psychology major has the fewest requirements of any major on campus. You need to take a biological science (either biology or anthropology) for your gen-ed science, you need intro to pysch, and you need 24 additional hours of psychology chosen in accordance with the lists. Contrast this with the physics major requiring 38 credit hours of physics after you finish 25 hours of pre-reqs (the intro sequence, the calculus sequence, and intro to CS). Majoring in physics takes more than double the credit hours of majoring in psychology.

  2. When you come in looking for a schedule that's going to fulfill your gen-ed requirements and then tell me that you're going to take Spansh at the community college over the summer, that you don't want to take math or science, and that you don't like any of the courses on the humanities or the social science list, there isn't much that I can do.

  3. One of the students who came in for advising is in my class! This means that I got to see her transcript. Now I see the path that brought her to the Calculus Circus.

  4. I misplaced my wallet in the advising center and didn't realize it until much later when I was in a total panic. After I found it, my first stop was the departmental xerox machine so that I could copy both sides of all the cards in my wallet