Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things About People that Make Me Laugh

I went to high school with this girl Jacquie that a bunch of us used to make fun of for being kind of slutty. Combine this with some bad poetry that she submitted to the high school literary magazine, and we used to write pretend bad poetry by her.

I was looking for something a few weeks ago and found this mock poem that my friend Michelle wrote as if it were by Jacquie:


Men I slept with
Last night
Drunk out of their minds
They are not very good,
Leave me un ful filled,
Next weekend
I will try
For better men and
An end
To my sadness.

OK, so that's the background on Jacquie and our impressions of her. The other day I was wasting time on Facebook and was curious as to who from my high school was on it. And who do I see but Jacquie! How many people in their mid-30s use pictures of themselves in bikinis in their Facebook profiles? She's in the Google network. Based on what I know of her accomplishments in high school, I suspect that she is not on the technical staff.