Thursday, September 20, 2007

Unanswered Questions from This Week's Free TV Show Download from iTunes

  1. Is The Big Bang Theory really meant to show on mainstream television? Do the network executives expect a non-trivial number of people to watch it? As I'm watching it, I'm thinking that whoever pitched "a dumb sit-com for smart people!" must have been joking.

  2. What do people who don't know anything about calculus think when they hear a joke on a TV show that is based on calculus? Do they realize that it is a joke? Or do they just think it's more of that crazy math-science mumbo-jumbo?

  3. Is anyone else bothered by the scenario of the nerdy guys chasing after the beautiful woman? I don't think that I've ever seen a tv show or a movie in which the nerdy guys are trying to go out with nerdy girls. Nerd-on-nerd action could be funny! Or, at least as funny as the desperation-rejection cycle that marks nerd-on-hottie plotlines.

  4. I don't watch Ugly Betty. Do her romantic travails mirror the situations where the protagonist is a socially awkward guy? Socially awkward women are extremely rare on television.

  5. Which of the main characters am I supposed to like more? Am I supposed to like Leonard (the shorter guy) because he seems to have some intrinsic sympathy for other people? Or am I supposed to like Sheldon (the taller one) because he is always right? If I had to pick one of the two to hang out with, I'd totally pick Sheldon. I suspect that this taps into the same part of me that likes the character of Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds.