Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brief Updates

  1. Crazy busy.

  2. Knee still hurts. Is it that thing where the kneecap is scraping away at the cartilage? Or maybe a problem with a tendon? Doesn't matter. The doctor is sending me for more PT and for a consultation with an orthopedist.

  3. Car is behaving for now. Don't trust it. Trying to buy a purple Honda Fit.

  4. Book is done.

  5. Just need to prep four class periods; write a worksheet, an exam, and a review sheet; make a gajillion photocopies; staff the math contest; do three hours of advising; observe five TAs; and give a talk in the seminar. Along with anything that I forgot. That should get me through to the weekend.

  6. Spent more time than I care to admit looking through LaTeX symbol fonts to give some flair to the exam that I'm giving on Wednesday, October 31. So far I'm using \usepackage{marvosym} with {\huge \Bat}.