Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life in the Advising Center

Today in the advising center I once again quickly and efficiently advised students. (If I were interested in winning the advising award, I suppose I should try to figure out if the students want efficiency or if they want me to make small talk. I can't read people, so I can't tell.) If they knew what they wanted to do, we filled out the form, and I sent them on their way. If they didn't know what they wanted, I gave them a limited number of choices: Do you want to fulfill the math requirement or the science requirement in the spring? Do you want to start on the history requirement or the foreign language requirement? Do you want to take 12 hours or do you want to take 15? Do you need to find an easy elective that you will enjoy and that will bring your GPA up?

The rest of this week has been pure, unadulterated chaos, and I have had every one of the physical symptoms that I usually have in response to stress. My old injuries act up. My head pounds. I feel like crap.

In the advising center, everything is easy. There's a list to check off. Everyone needs to take English, math, history, science, and a foreign language. Everyone needs to take courses from the humanities and social sciences lists. There are no judgement calls to be made. Simple choices.

I suppose that this is why I don't make small talk. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with my own problems this week. I don't need to deal with the problems of other people, too. We'll just pretend that the spring is a fresh start.