Monday, October 15, 2007

Long, Long Day

Didn't get home until 8:30pm tonight. Didn't get much done, either.

Went in about an hour before my first class, the honors version of the gen-ed class, and realized that I didn't have much to say. We're starting on dimensions and higher dimensions (specifically the 4th). I don't draw well, and I don't have much geometric sense, so it's hard for me to teach these topics. Fortunately I realized that I do have several videos that touch on this material. So I announced to the class that it is Film Week in our course (I said it was because since the last topic we did was so difficult and we needed a break. This is not entirely untrue; Cantor's Power Set Theorem sort of hurt their brains.). Today's video took up the entire class period; the other two that I plan to show are shorter, so they will allow for us to also discuss them in class.

Today we watched the 4th dimension lectures from the Joy of Thinking. Wednesday we'll watch Flatland: The Movie. Friday we'll see the Simpson's Halloween episode when Homer visits the 3rd dimension (Season 7, disc 1). Good times.

Not sure what happened to the middle of my day. Did a bit of class prep for calculus, I guess. Oh, also started on the paperwork for becoming a non-degree undergraduate student in the spring. I need to come up with proof that I have a degree already, but it doesn't need to be a transcript. Not sure what they're looking for. Maybe they expect me to bring my diploma to their office? That would be a pain, as my Dartmouth diploma is pretty big. When you pay that much for your education, you won't be satisfied by some eight-and-a-half-by-eleven laser printed diploma. No, the diploma is large; my name is calligraphied in by hand; it is in Latin. Currently it lives in the back of my closet, dwarfing the small and impersonal diploma that UCSD mailed to me after I finished my Ph.D. I'll probably end up jut ordering a Dartmouth transcript because, hey, they're free. Maybe I'll get two because, you know, free transcript.

And then the rest of the afternoon and the evening was attending talks and events for Big Name Speaker who was on campus today. Only one of my students came to the talks, which was both good and bad. Good because this means that when I teach the part of the course that deals with Big Name Speaker's work (which is what comes next after Film Week), I can base my lessons on his talks. Bad because I like to pretend that my students are really into math.