Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Tales from the Advising Center

  1. Honors students get priority registration, so advising was particularly easy today. They know what they want to take. I sign the form. They are out quickly. I have time between meetings to fuss about on the internet. Unlike some of the other advisors, I don't extend the meeting with chit-chat.

  2. Football player. Many of his fall classes are not on the gen-ed list. Made it easy to give him many options to choose from that are on the gen-ed list. I explained that if he plans to graduate, then he has to take math and science and English and a foreign language and history at SOME point.

  3. Met with a student switching from business to engineering. He had been poorly advised to forfeit his AP credit in calculus and to take (the equivalent of) Calculus Circus. Fortunately, he ignored that advice and took some other math class, leaving his AP credit untouched. He can take Calc 2 for Engineers in the Spring. He's a semester behind in physics and chemistry, but so are a lot of engineering students who started out on schedule. A lot of us in math love the chemistry department and their success rate. It's not just us!

  4. Currently waiting for a student who is 15 minutes late for her appointment.