Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Inbox Bursts at the Seams

  1. First-time instructor faced with a student who hasn't shown up at all this semester and who now wants to pass the class. Wonders what he should tell the student. I claim that passing is impossible when you've missed half the course. Student simultaneously claims not to know that she was enrolled in the course and that she can't drop the course because it would take her below full-time status.

  2. Many, many students in the Calculus Circus have problems and situations that they want to tell me about. My standard response: We'll sort it out at the end of the semester. This solves nothing but at least makes these problems go away for a little while. My condolences, mazel tov, whatever. "I know it's important for you to be with your family at a time like this. We'll find a fair way to deal with your absences."

  3. Half the messages in my inbox must be from my coauthor. I wake up at 6am to find a barrage of a dozen messages that he sent through the middle of the night. Most of them require me to do something. Soon his actions will force me to learn about Smart Mailboxes to pre-filter his missives.

  4. My independent study student needs a ride to the Apple Store tomorrow. I'm not sure why he's has joined the inbox pile-on. Normally he communicates with me by Facebook messages and texting.

  5. What about the problem people who I've sent emails to asking about specific things that I need from them? *crickets*