Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Natives are Restless

The undergraduates are all aflutter because the faculty senate is thinking about changing the grading system.

We're planning on introducing minus grades. We already have plus grades.

There hasn't been this much unrest since someone suggested that you shouldn't be able to buy cigarettes at the campus convenience store and charge them to your student account.

Yes, I'm sure that some GPAs will go down since our current system is ridiculous. Only plus grades and no minus grades? How did we even get such a system? And a B+ is currently worth 3.5. Yes, we're going to have some GPA deflation. Meaning that our grades are going to match those given at just about every other university in the United States.

The justification for this change is that it's part of making us seem like a reputable university. The students claim to be against this. I wonder how many of them plan to transfer to Regional Compass-Point State College (which has neither plusses nor minuses) in order to avoid the evil of the minus grade. Or maybe they'll suck it up and stick around in hopes that a degree from here might mean more than one from Regional Compass-Point State College.