Friday, October 19, 2007

Score for the Day

  1. Trying to straighten out the SystemID mess: Got SSN into student records system, after much hassle.

  2. Real life: Learned that I lost something important. (You can probably guess what, see #1.) I view waiting in line in my future. I have every damn other scrap of paper that has passed through my life. ARGH!

  3. My knee: After being symptom-free since April, my knee pain is back with a vengeance. Worse than before. I suspect that it's because I've upped the intensity of my exercises. Should have left well enough alone and stuck with my modest program: Now I must completely rest it.

  4. Students in my office: One needed a signature to drop. One needed transfer credit evaluated. One, who was coming by to complain, never showed up.

Update: The car just broke. Turned it on; it turned itself back off. Did this a few times. Turned it on again. It ran really rough, and the service engine soon light came on.