Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Today is the Last Day to Drop with a W

Email mailbag, student remix edition
  1. Dead grandmother.

  2. Online quiz system allegedly has unenrolled a student.

  3. Someone wants to appeal a grade from Spring 2006. (Sorry, 90 day statute of limitations.)

  4. What to do about the algebra student who attended the wrong class on Thursdays (but the right class on Mondays and Fridays) and who turned in the homework and took the quizzes and exam with the wrong class (but only on Thursdays)?

  5. Student who failed first exam and who I emailed almost two weeks ago asking to set up a meeting emailed me last night hoping to meet today. The second exam is tomorrow.

  6. A student I don't know wants to talk to me about her class. I suspect that she's going to complain. I'm going to guess that she's in a section taught by an instructor whose first language is not English.

  7. Paper proposal / thesis statement as a .doc file. I asked them not to send me .docs. I put that in the assignment. I told them to just copy and paste the paragraph into an email.