Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Today's Major Accomplishment

OK, so I still haven't made the review sheet for next week's test (promised that I'd give it out in class tomorrow morning), and I haven't really thought about how I'm going to talk about powersets and Cantor's theorem to show that the cardinality of the powerset is greater than the cardinality of the original set. I did manage to eat an entire dozen of cookies, which I am feeling somewhat bad about, especially since when I was out shopping earlier today the cashier probably weighed about 80 pounds, and frankly, I was a bit jealous (and rather ambivalent about the fact that I'm currently really quite firmly in the "normal weight" category); however, I don't really think that eating twelve chocolate cookies is an accomplishment.

No, what I did today was to write another 2700 words of my book. Only 600 more words until I'm done with the draft! Only 13 days until the book is supposed to be done and delivered to the publisher!

Can't decide if I should finish it now or work on prepping my classes for tomorrow. Adding a wrinkle to all this, my coauthor's classes started yesterday (I'm so jealous of everyone on the quarter system), so the revising process will probably be more complicated than when he was still on summer break.