Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yay Maps!

Yesterday I drove to a car dealership out of town (more on my new car later -- yes, I impulse buy things), and Google Maps gave me directions using the new roads that have been constructed near my house. Exciting! This means that the Google Maps database has the new configuration of the roads, but the satellite image shows the old one! So by looking at the hybrid view, you can see what the changes are! You can see everything that was bulldozed and all the dirt that was moved to make room for the new roads! (Yes, you can tell where I live from these maps; those who are familiar with the area can even guess which neighborhood I live in.)

The construction really upsets Jill, the portable GPS navigator. No one told her about any of the construction. She must think that I'm an idiot for driving across the grass and over non-existent bridges.