Saturday, November 24, 2007


I have decided that:
  1. I am going to make clothes out of any piece of fabric that I own that is 3 yards or longer or else I am going to throw (or give) it away.
  2. I am throwing away (or giving away) any fabric that I bought before I moved here unless it's super-valuable (silk, wool suiting). (I'm willing to give away the silk and the wool, too, if I can find someone who will actually do something with it.)
  3. I am never again going to buy a piece of fabric more than 1/2 a yard long unless I have a specific project in mind for it.
  4. All the scraps of quilting cotton are going to be cut into identical pieces and stored in one container to be turned into a scrap quilt when there are enough of them.
  5. I will complete these tasks by the end of winter break.
I'm hoping that this will clear up some of the clutter in my guest room and closet.