Thursday, November 08, 2007

Graduate Students are Like Students and They're Like Spies

At my university there is a homebrew alternative to Facebook. Since it's small and local, they are only allowing current students to be members of their community -- they can check to see who you are. Since it's a members-only site, people feel free to act like dumbasses more than they would on something like MySpace or Facebook. Rumor has it that students have taken to mocking faculty fairly openly. Allegedly, like Facebook, this site has people's real names.

There have been some recent episodes of flash photography in the calculus lecture. This can only mean that they are up to no good. I suspect the worst.

So this morning I emailed my independent study student and my favorite grad student to infiltrate the site and to discover what my calculus students are up to. If my students are publicly mocking me on the internet under their real names, I'd like to be able to put this up on the projector in class and make a comment like "Hope you aren't looking for bonus points or extra credit."