Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Thought I Had Nothing to Blog About Today

Somehow I figured that no one was up for some xerox blogging. Especially since I used the staff copier -- which, unlike the faculty copier, does not jam when one uses paper of color.

Then there was the usual burst of emails from panicked students in the calculus circus. The final exam is in nine days; your fate has inertia.

But then! Then I came home and found a strange package at my house! A festive holiday greeting! It was Wigilia in a box! Including some sort of weird mobile, some hay, and an opłatek. Sorry that I am too lazy to take pictures. Now, I, myself, have been know to consider buying an opłatek for a relative, so it's not that I consider this completely unreasonable.

  • I've stopped celebrating Christmas.
  • I've never, ever, ever celebrated Wigilia. My parents raised us monolingual with standard American traditions.
  • The relative who sent this to me is Italian (married in to the family).