Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More from the Email Inbox

  1. Students from Calculus Circus have realized that there is more to college than beer and football. How can they turn around their woeful performance in calculus?

  2. Students from Calculus Circus have all sorts of weird personal problems that are coincidentally popping up all at the same time as the semester draws to a close.

  3. Someone who is failing pre-calc wants to know if it's OK to move on to calculus anyway. Seems that he's failing pre-calc because he's having a "rough semester." Somehow he believes that next semester will be less rough and that he can handle a harder class that expects the students to know pre-calc as if it were second nature.

  4. The chancellor's office is holding a "Student Slum Safety Day" in which the university will pitch five tents around the neighborhood next to campus (including one in a vacant lot) and serve hot chocolate and give out safety information in the middle of the afternoon. The hope is that this will put an end to the muggings and carjackings that have been taking place at night in that neighborhood.

  5. We're moving out of our building at the end of Fall 2008 so that a complete gut and remodel can be carried out. New item on my to-do list: Start throwing out every piece of paper that is not absolutely essential.