Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Tales from my Busy Life

  1. Met with my independent study student this morning. Had no idea what to teach him. Eventually settled on complex numbers and showing that there are n nth roots of –1.

  2. Today was the last day to drop with our last-chance-drop. Anyone who has not dropped by now is stuck (unless they can finagle a registrar's override or a retroactive withdrawal). This made me a very popular person today, as my own calculus students together with everyone else's students wanted my signature on the form.

  3. I was unreachable because I spent most of the afternoon doing walk-in advising. Advising is in a wing of a building with no cell phone service, and I didn't realize that the 1.1.2 iPhone software update made my phone forget about its favorite known Wi-Fi networks.

  4. Today in advising I talked to a guy (faculty) who saw me at the Bad Bakery the other day.

  5. Today in advising I saw a guy (student) who I heckled for using a laptop in class. He was apparently immune to my "don't touch me" vibe.

  6. More from the small town / small campus files: Both the director and associate director of advising live in my neighborhood.

  7. Aside: If you sat on the floor outside the advising center for two hours waiting to get in for walk-in advising, wouldn't you have taken a few of those minutes to take a look at the catalog and pick out a course or two that you wanted to take?

  8. Secret message to the people who make the catalog: Please force the departments to indicate which semesters they plan to offer the courses. If Spanish 1 is never offered in the spring, I'd like to know that.

  9. Someone in the Math Department is complaining, and I want to tell her that she doesn't know the half of it and should consider herself lucky. But confidentiality prevents me from explaining in detail how much worse it could be.

  10. From the FERPA-gone-wild files: Today we got an email saying that not only is it forbidden to return graded work in a publicly accessible place, but it is also forbidden to collect work in such ways. We can not have students submit work by having them put it in our mailboxes.

  11. Back to the salt mines. I am making calculus Keynote slides (which will be exported to PPT to play nice with the equipment in the lecture hall). Screenshots of the graphs in the chapter. Examples from the text with room to write in the answers. Major formulas in big type. I feel like planning a lecture should be less algorithmic.