Monday, November 19, 2007

My Former Students are Everywhere

This morning I received a call from the county clerk's office. I needed to come to their offices to finish up my car registration.

If you might recall, I bought a new car about a month ago from a dealer who was revealed to be completely incompetent and also possibly somewhat disreputable. As is typical, when I bought the car I paid the fee for the dealer to take care of the title and registration paperwork. They promised that my plates would come in the mail in about two weeks.

Of course, they screwed up, so I had to go to the county clerk's office and wait in line and pay more money and fill out forms and all that.

The guy working in the county clerk's office recognized my name because he was in my class five years ago. I don't really remember him; I had a hunch that he's one of the students whose mom called me to complain about something, so I didn't try to dredge up memories of the past.