Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This Stack of Paper Means that We're About Done with Math

Today I played a move towards the endgame of the honors gen-ed class. Their final is officially scheduled for Thursday, December 13, so in theory we have a month of math left.

Today I dealt them quite the stack of paper. I gave them an essay about the topic that we started today, and I gave them two formula sheets that they'll need. I handed out the assignment sheet for the homework due Monday. I gave out the homework due on the last day of classes. Then there's the alternate activity for those who will be absent the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (and which doubles as the homework amnesty assignment for people who need to make up work). And, the last piece of the puzzle: I gave them the take-home final (due December 13).

It's probably too many problems for them to work through tonight, but an industrious student can be done with the course by Monday. And I'm happy to show up three days a week and prattle on about whatever interesting mathematical idea catches my fancy.