Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yesterday I Went to Knitting Group, and It Was Not Bad

Last night I overcame my horrible, horrible mood, my fear of strangers, my fear of unfamiliar places, and my fear of parking on the street after dark, and I went to the meeting of the knitting group in a bar-restaurant near campus.

Due to the whole driving thing, I could not avail myself of the soothing effects of spirited beverages. Damn.

It wasn't bad. The other people there were already best friends and mostly ignored me as I worked on my sock.

Of course my complete inability to initiate plans with people means that despite small steps like this, I will probably never succeed at having a decent social life, and I will continue to feel like a loser. It's probably a bad sign that one of the few people who I manage to keep in touch with is a guy who tolerates me because he hopes that some day he'll convince me to sleep with him (not going to happen).

I'm tempted to just give up and resign myself to being imaginary and invisible.