Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Funny How These Things Work Out

Remember my student who was robbed at gunpoint and then beat up by the guy with the gun on the morning of the 5th and who asked me to reschedule the calculus exam from the 6th to some other day? I gave him a list of make-up times and told him to let me know which one worked for him.

I didn't hear anything by yesterday, so I sent him an email.

Nothing still, so I emailed him again this morning. A bit more forceful. Using the classic phrase "if you plan to pass this class."

Finally I get a response. He wants to take it today. Fine.

Why didn't he get back to me before now? Because he couldn't study until today because the robbers stole his keys and his math book is locked in his car. Only today was he able to find another student in the class to borrow a book and some notes from.

If robbers stole your keys would you: (a) do nothing about it for a week? or (b) call a locksmith?

Just checking.