Friday, December 14, 2007

The Internet and My Loyal Following Have Let Me Down

None of you told me that there is a film about Helvetica?

I was fortunate to hear something on NPR where the director was promoting his film.

In honor of the legacy of Helvetica, I have changed the font in my spring calculus syllabus from Palatino to Helvetica. Not sure if I'm going to use Helvetica for everything in the class, though, as sometimes the sansmath package has problems. Normally I use the obsolete mathpple package that mixes Palatino text with AMS Euler math fonts.

Now that I face the fallibility of the internet when it comes to informing me of important things, I must now go and search to make sure that there are no recent motion pictures, biographies, rock operas, or other works honoring the genius of Hermann Zapf.