Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

  1. In a very non-traditional Christmas Eve, last night I hung out with my next door neighbor and watched a movie with subtitles. Something German. I don't remember the title of it because it was his NetFlix.

  2. My mom emailed me to tell me about their much more socially acceptable Christmas Eve. The Lawyers trekked upstate from NYC bearing gołabki and kluski and barszcz and whatnot. Wesołych Świąt. Whatever. Considering that one of them is Jewish, I'm guessing that he was just in it for the challenge of making tasty food out of cabbage and root vegetables.

  3. Today I sewed the sleeves to the armscye of the shirt that I'm making for The Topologist. Sewing a sleeve to an armscye is a spiritual experience for me that gives me faith in differential geometry. When you look at it, you believe that the seems will never match. Yet, each local bit works out, and then it seems OK globally.

  4. I don't think that a shirt counts as a Christmas present. We had a deal not to do presents costing over $2. Plus, I had the fabric, the interfacing, and the thread all in my stash. I probably have enough buttons in the button jar to not spend anything on the shirt.

  5. In any event, I should start cleaning the house since The Topologist is on the road and plans to be here tonight.