Monday, December 03, 2007

Not What You Might Have Predicted

You might have thought that I didn't post to my blog all weekend because I was grading calculus exams. Not the case. The TAs have hoarded the exams all to themselves for the past few days, leaving me with a few hours to grade the rest of the stack (also note: I am grading twice as many problems as they are). Not happy.

So how did I spend the weekend if I wasn't grading. I cut out fabric for sewing a shirt. And I played a lot of computer games and ate cereal. I think that I got dressed at one point. Twice, if you count the time that I changed out of pajamas into other pajamas.

Now I am pretending to be with-it, organized, and on top of things. One of the things being explaining to mathematicians that the university's rule that "all final exams must be given during the scheduled final exam period" was not intended to forbid make-up exams.