Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Today Was My Day Off, And I Wasted It

Beyond making TWO trips to the radiologist (to get the CD and then to get the replacement CD), trekking all over town to find a gas station with a working air pump (and fining quarters to feed the air pump), and playing online scrabble, I didn't get much done today. Read a smidgen about R (the Dalgaard book came from the library), but not enough for it to count as actually doing work. Eventually made it to campus in time to go to a shindig (I am making a habit of attending catered events hosted by bigwig administrators). Had a few awkward conversations with students and considered talking to one of my secret crushes. Spent way, way, way too much time saying "no" to ridiculous emails from calculus students. Bleh, hate it when my day goes like that. And now that we reach the chaos of the end of the semester, I'm pessimistic that things will get much better unless I get serious about making a to-do list.