Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Clothing that Escapes from my Closet

Today I thought about Little Edie as I picked my outfit and went out to face the day. I'd had a terrible weekend followed by a quite awful Monday, and then all of that did a sharp turn-around with a whole sequence of fantastic things happening in the past 24 hours but mediated by exams. Left me a bit unsettled, my sleep schedule a bit out of kilter, and my grip on social norms a bit loose.

My fashion sense is not as brilliantly distinctive as Little Edie's, but I have been known to take nice pieces and mix them in unusual ways. I've worn an evening gown with a t-shirt over it to class. I'm a big fan of tulle.

Today it was chilly in the morning, so I was drawn to my favorite cold-weather clothes. The camel-hair skirt. With sparkly tights, a grey wool sweater, and a antique-looking choker. And the beaver coat. Love the fur. It's the warmest thing I've ever owned. And as I got into my small, small car, I remembered why the old ladies drive Cadillacs; a nice fur coat has a lot of bulk, so you need a lot of room.