Wednesday, January 09, 2008

First Day of School

  1. I guess my students from the fall liked me. Many of the students who failed my calculus class in the fall are in my calculus class in the spring! If I failed a class, I think that I'd try it the second time with someone else. But that's just me.

  2. So far I've already had one student compliment my shoes.

  3. I never dealt with the filing and paperwork from last semester. Big mistake. In a vain attempt to cope, I have resolved to xerox all new items on a different color of paper so that I can tell this semester's paper from last semester's.

  4. My Nalgene bottle bounced its way down a flight of stairs but didn't break.

  5. Today, during my calculus class, a woman from the registrar's office emailed to tell me that my class was being moved to a different room. The new room is both better and worse than the old room. Better, in that it has TWO PROJECTORS so I can keep the document cam on during the entire class. Makes me feel like a supah-stahr. Worse in that it's pretty ghetto. Not just concrete and shabby, but there are actual tags spraypainted on the wall.

  6. First death in the family! One of my students will be missing all of next week because of a funeral.

  7. Don't even ask about the bizarre mess that is the book. Such a mess. Fortunately, it's not like I'm emotionally involved. I didn't write it out of love for the subject matter.