Monday, January 07, 2008

I Don't Really Mind that I'm Flying Home Tomorrow

I think that I'm glad that I'm only out here for part of the conference. It's weird being back in San Diego. I lived here for six years, but I haven't been back in while. Things are just barely familiar. I think that if I were here longer that I'd feel the need to do the whole nostalgia tour. Probably not called for. Besides, I think that people over 30 are not allowed in PB.

I've seen the talks that I needed to see. Missed one that I wanted to see. And I have one more place that I need to be. Saw some interesting stuff. In the exhibitions at the Elsevier booth they used dark forces to summon a demon, which was pretty cool. Also saw some really bad math-ed talks. Talking about how you use off-the-shelf educational technology to teach calculus? Not so much what I needed to hear about at a conference. I can talk about that over lunch with people who I work with.

I alternate between needing a snack and needing a nap. I figure that by the time that I get home that I should be adjusted to PST. Yay jetlag.