Saturday, January 12, 2008

Small World

I'm in my office today since the laptop is in the shop and the office iMac is almost four years younger than the home iMac.

After IMing with my coauthor about the author review process for our book (and snarking about the development editor), I worked some more on my computer science homework. By "worked" what I mean is that I started fussing with the fancyheader.sty package and the page margins and the type size in order to make mine into the most lovely computer science homework that will be submitted this week.

At some point I ended up at the TAs' web pages (to compare my lovely, lovely homework with the much less attractive assignment sheet). And then I noticed yet another connection between me and the staff of this class.

I already knew that I was destined to meet this professor at some point. His son was in the topologist's multivariable calculus class a few years back. I also knew his son from when I sat in on another computer science class. The professor is neighbors with one of the office staff at my neurologist's office. (Have I recently mentioned that for a medium-sized city that this is a small town.)

And then I found out that back when he was living in Bangladesh that one of the TAs worked for a quantitative consulting firm run by guy from my cohort in grad school (and who I ran into last week when I was in San Diego). I'm trying to decide whether to email my colleague from grad school to find any dirt on my TA (Or whether to email him to see if I can get any freelance consulting work with his business. Do businesses in south Asia ever outsource to the United States?).