Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things That Will Surprise No One

There was this student, a graduating senior who put his last gen-ed math class off until his last semester, who emailed me well before classes started to tell me that he'd be missing the first two weeks of class because of his job. I wrote back telling him that if he needed to miss the first two weeks for work, then he should switch out of my class and take something else and then take math when his schedule was clear. He wrote back insisting that he would work hard, do everything he needed to in order to get caught up, all that. He needs this class to graduate in May, so he has to take it this semester. And since he's a graduating senior, the "must take your last n credit hours here" rule means that he can't take it at community college.

You know exactly where this is going, right?

When he came back from his job-related absence, he did not stop by to ask for a syllabus. Hasn't approached me at all.

Yesterday I gave an exam that was very, very, very closely based on the review sheet (handed out the first day he came, so he got one) and the old exams (link to them was on the review sheet).

Based on a brief glance though of his exam... He may need to rethink his plans to graduate in May.