Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today I Spent Most of the Morning Fussing with LaTeX

I'm not a big fan of Computer Modern Roman, but I just adore the work of Hermann Zapf. So I've been using the mathpple package: Palatino text and Euler math. Sadly, mathpple is obsolete and is no longer working on either of my computers. I used to just get a warning; now I get a flurry of errors -- and no Greek letters. It's not that I'm missing the Euler fonts, as the eulervm package works fine. And I hate eulervm. When you typeset $f(x)$, with eulervm, the f and the x will be in Euler (and I want them in Palatino italic). I miss my mathpple. (I'm trying to decide between mathpazo and pxfonts for future use.)

So, of course, since I'm fussing with the fonts in my standard document template, I had to fuss with all the fonts in the labels in the diagrams for my computer science homework. I did mention that it's the most lovely computer science homework, right? And lovely means that I must have consistent fonts. Right now I still need to go back and change some things. One diagram is labeled in Computer Modern Roman. All of the epsilons are in Euler. I'll need to decide on a math font before I fix those.

Have I mentioned how awesome Lineform is? It does most things that I would use Illustrator for -- except it's only $80. (And it already works with Leopard.) The awesomest thing is that when I make a snipped of pdf in LaTeXiT and drag it into Lineform, it's still editable. So if I find a mistake in a formula in a diagram (like, if the font is wrong), I can double-click on it, and LaTeXiT pops up with the source, and I can edit it.