Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why I am Home Instead of at My Office Hours

I bought 4 GB of Kingston RAM for my MacBook. The guy who installed it* says that Kingston RAM sucks and warns me of kernel panics and the like.

So right now I am running the Apple Hardware Test Extended Test to see what it has to say about my new RAM.

Maybe later today I will post the pictures of the showroom that I snapped with my phone while I was waiting for him to install the RAM. It was like a museum! An SE/30! A Quadra! A G4 Cube! He even has a (used) original airport card in stock, so I may be able to untether the iMac from the ethernet! He printed my receipt on a LaserWriter!

*Yes, I'm a wimp for not installing it myself. But I'm unwilling to deal with static electricity and stripping the heads on tiny screws and other things that I don't have time for. The local computer shop installs RAM while you wait with no appointment.