Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Out to See the World

I showed up at work early today because I had to go to a meeting in the Barad-Dûr building, where the university's central administration is housed. I had never been to that part of campus before, so I left early. I found it without much problem and was very early to the meeting.

I am on a working group! (I believe that we report to the strategic task force.) Yes, I am moving up in the world. Either that or else everyone else is too busy to be bothered to consider the issues being discussed.

Being new to the scene in Outer Adminostan, I don't really understand what we're doing. Well, in some sense I do understand: the leader of the group has delegated some tasks and we will report on what we've found. But I'm not sure what's the purpose of the document that we'll create. Should it be an archive of the status quo? Recommendations for the future? Something else?

We'll be meeting every two weeks until the end of the semester, so I suppose that I will get to see a lot more of the workings of this part of the university.