Friday, February 08, 2008

Messages from Calculus

  1. When sending an IM to your instructor, is this really what you want to have set as your buddy icon? Especially when you admit in the message that you need last-minute help because you didn't plan ahead?

  2. Sarah Student's important question from the other day? Her TA made a funny face when he handed back her exam, and she was hoping to switch to a different section taught by a different TA

  3. My calculus students blame "stupid mistakes" for their poor showing on the exam. I know the real answer is "can't do algebra," but I'm just glad that they're not blaming me.

  4. If anyone has seen the grades from section B-06, please send them to me. I asked the TA for them on Monday, and he said he'd get them to me by late Tuesday or by Wednesday morning. On Thursday I asked again. Still no grades.